Why Wi-Fi is Going to be the Bomb in Your Car

Today’s family and friends are more connected than ever. The internet and computers that can fit into our pockets have made the world a lot smaller, and our families a lot closer. We always know we can find a way to connect if we look, but sometimes finding a Wi-Fi hotspot is inconvenient, especially when you are on the road. Here at Heidebreicht, we’re taking a step farther into the future...

Top 10 Car Colors

Forbes has released their article highlighting the top ten most popular car colors, with some expected and some surprising results making the list. The top ten are: White Black Silver Gray Red Blue Brown/Beige Yellow/Gold Green Everything else The traditional colors seemed to have topped the list, with some nontraditional contenders working their way up. However, despite which cars are most...

The Next Evolution of Prognostic

Breakdowns always happen at the least convenient times; wouldn’t it be great if we could predict when a part on a car was about to fail? Now we can! As part of the ongoing evolution of Chevrolet’s customer service, Digital Trends reports that the company has found a way to let you know when you will be needing service before the need is critical through using sensors to compile prognostic...
Heidebreicht-Cassie Hines Shoes Cancer Foundation

The Cassie Hines Shoes Cancer Foundation 4th Annual Glow Run

Here at Heidebreich we love taking part of events that support a good cause. From our Camaro raffle to the Glow Run, we recognize The Cassie Hines Shoes Cancer Foundation and what it does for our community. We urge you to support them and get involved! The Cassie Hines Shoes Cancer Foundation connects young adults battling cancer to peer support groups locally and at camps nationally. This peer...

National Aviation Day

This August 19th, Heidebreicht joins the rest of the country in celebrating National Aviation Day. Man has long desired to travel through the clouds, with hot air balloons and dirigibles leading the way before any practical airplane designs were created. Aviation history is full of trials and failures, but perseverance has brought us to where we are today, where plane travel is commonplace....

GM and Technology

It is no secret that technology is becoming an increasingly important part of how we use our vehicles. While mechanics are still incredibly important, technology helps alert you to potential mechanical or operational problems, reminds you when your vehicle is due for maintenance to keep it in top running condition, and helps keep you safe and connected while you are on the go. GM is dedicated to...

Demo Special

Here at Heidebreicht, we are running an awesome special on all our demo vehicles! One of our demos we are showcasing is the 2015 Chevy Malibu. If you come in for a demo, you can save over thousands of dollars off the original price. This deal is only available through the end of the month while supplies last, so there is no time to waste if you are interested in taking advantage of this great...

Summer Specials

Now that summer has finally arrived, here at Heidebreicht we are rolling out our summer specials. We may have construction going on as we begin constructing our showroom, but that isn’t slowing our deals down in the slightest! We have both weekly and monthly deals, and all are great money savers that are worth taking a look at when you are in the market for a great vehicle! This month, we have...

New Showroom Coming Soon!

At Heidebreicht, we are always looking for ways to improve your car shopping experience. We continuously run great specials and sales, sponsor giveaways, and look for ways to physically improve our dealership. To that end, we are beginning construction on a new showroom that will allow us to display more vehicles and provide more parking for our customers here on-site. As Chevrolet continues to...

Monthly Lease Offer

When you are in the market for a new car, taking the time to shop around and see what specials are available can save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars. To that end, it’s always worth it to see what our monthly lease offers are here at Heidebreicht! Below are some of the offers available this month. 2015 Chevy Silverado The 2015 Chevy Silverado 1500 4WD LT DBL is available for lease this...