GM and Technology


It is no secret that technology is becoming an increasingly important part of how we use our vehicles. While mechanics are still incredibly important, technology helps alert you to potential mechanical or operational problems, reminds you when your vehicle is due for maintenance to keep it in top running condition, and helps keep you safe and connected while you are on the go. GM is dedicated to staying at the forefront of technological advancements in the automotive field to keep your ride as safe and comfortable as possible.

GM is staying ahead of the times with a new patent that has the potential to make sharing and borrowing vehicles much easier than it has been in the past. If you have ever had to share a vehicle with a spouse or family member who has a significant height difference from you, you likely have had to deal with the annoyance of having to change the seat and mirrors every time you drove. GM has patented technology that saves your vehicle preferences, meaning when you share or borrow a vehicle, the technology can use this information, stored in a cloud-based storage system, to change the vehicle’s settings to what you need. This can even go beyond the seats and mirrors, to radio presets, contacts, voicemail, and internet history, keeping you more connected than ever before. The patented technology also holds a lot of potential for those who have to rent vehicles regularly or even just on vacation, making a temporary vehicle feel like your own and making the transition as comfortable as possible. This technology is not in production yet, but the patent filed gives GM the security to continue researching and developing to make this technology as useful and secure as possible before rolling it out in their vehicles.

While GM continues to develop new technologies, there are quite a few available in Chevrolets already for you to enjoy. All Chevrolets now come with MyLink technology, which allows you to easily access any connected devices. In most cases 4G LTE WiFi is also available in Chevrolets such as the Chevy Silverado and the Trax, allowing you to connect and communicate without using your cell’s data plan. The Silverado also comes with important safety technologies, such as Trailer Sway Control, which can automatically apply brakes if any swaying or rocking is detected in the trailer the truck is hauling. Other safety features such as lane departure warnings, directional seat vibration alerts, forward collision alert, and rear vision camera with grid lines are also available.

The Chevrolet Trax is another GM vehicle that benefits from their dedication to using the best technology available. Like most Chevrolets, the Trax comes with Chevy MyLink and a 7-inch touch screen, as well as OnStar, and available Siri Eyes Free connections to allow you to send texts without looking away from the road. The Trax offers an electronic stability control system and Rear Park Assist, helping keep you safe as you navigate city roads. In addition to safety, GM has also made use of technology to save you gas and money, as with the ECOTEC engine, designed to be as ecological as possible in the use of gas, whether you are driving on city streets or out on the open road.

Here at Heidebreicht we embrace technology and all the things it can bring us! Whether it’s helping with safety, saving money, or just making things a little more convenient, we are dedicated to helping you find a vehicle with the technology you need. Come check out our vehicles today to see how the technology in a Chevrolet can improve your life in ways you have never even dreamed of.

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