National Aviation Day


This August 19th, Heidebreicht joins the rest of the country in celebrating National Aviation Day. Man has long desired to travel through the clouds, with hot air balloons and dirigibles leading the way before any practical airplane designs were created. Aviation history is full of trials and failures, but perseverance has brought us to where we are today, where plane travel is commonplace.

While there were many attempted designs in the years leading up to their success, the Wright Brothers were the first men to design a successful airplane. The Ohio natives designed and flew the first manned plane, taking flight and making history at Kill Devil Hills in North Carolina on December 17th, 1903. Their ingenuity would influence multiple modes of travel for years to come.

From there, the innovations and improvements have not slowed down — the aviation industry has made leaps and bounds, and in many cases their research and developments.

have improved the auto industry as well. Improvements in aerodynamic engineering have made vehicles such as the 2016 Corvette from GM possible. The sculpted exterior, hood air extractor, and rear spoiler that all come together in a cutting edge package that is the result of years of aviation research and influence.

Heidebreicht is proud to be part of America’s long tradition of pushing the transportation industry forward into new and exciting things. Want to earn your wings? Come check out our selection of 2016 Corvettes. You will fly without ever leaving the ground.

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