Top 10 Car Colors


Forbes has released their article highlighting the top ten most popular car colors, with some expected and some surprising results making the list. The top ten are:

  1. White
  2. Black
  3. Silver
  4. Gray
  5. Red
  6. Blue
  7. Brown/Beige
  8. Yellow/Gold
  9. Green
  10. Everything else

The traditional colors seemed to have topped the list, with some nontraditional contenders working their way up. However, despite which cars are most popular, Kelley Blue Book has some different opinions on which colors are best to buy. Their opinions are based less on popularity and more on residual value, though due to the cyclical nature of color popularity, a lot of their colors line up to the current popular tones.

Kelley Blue Book claims that over time, silver seems to have remained the most popular color over the years, which they attribute to our association of the color with sleek new technology. No matter the reason, the fact that it remains a popular color makes it a good color to invest in if you think you may end up reselling your vehicle in the future. White comes in a close second, followed by black. However, these are for overall colors — in some individual categories, light brown or a medium dark blue edged into the top three.

Of course, as we help Washington, Michigan residents find the colors they need, we are not thinking about trends as much as we are wanting each customer to be thrilled with the car they drive off the lot, whether that is because it’s just a color they enjoy, or because they feel they have made a good investment for the future. Here at Heidebreicht we are all about making our customer happy, right down to the paint job.

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