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The Heidebreicht Newsletter

Hey Chevy fans, do you know about our newsletter? Every month Heidebreicht Chevrolet puts out a digital newsletter full of information. You can read the monthly posting online or sign up to have it sent straight to your email address … Continue reading

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The New & Improved Chevrolet Volt

In the world of hybrid cars, there is no room for complacency. Take the award-winning Chevrolet Volt, for example. It was released rather recently- just at the end of 2010- but hybrid technology advances at an incredibly fast pace. New … Continue reading

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Gearing Up For The 2017 Corvette Grand Sport

Chevrolet is reaching back to their racing roots with the fast, flashy 2017 Corvette Grand Sport. “Racing… has helped us build better, more capable cars” said Mark Reuss, Executive Vice President for Chevy’s global development branch. “The 2017 Grand Sport … Continue reading

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May Deals At Heidebreicht

When we worked out our May deals, we gave a lot of thought to what our customers need right now. This month we couldn’t decide between offering some exciting new lease specials and updating our popular bonus coupon- so we … Continue reading

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Summer Of Chevy

It’s no secret that Michiganders love to drive. Maybe it’s the proximity to the birthplace of the automobile, but driving just runs in our blood. We wait all winter for that special time when the roads are clear enough to … Continue reading

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Your Best Car-Buying Resource

Car salesmen have a bad reputation. Comedians color them as pushy, fast-talking sharks out to separate honest folks from their hard-earned money. A quick Google search turns up thousands of pages describing how to tell a good sales person from … Continue reading

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Theft-Proof Your Chevy

Automobile theft is an unfortunate fact of life. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that a car is stolen every forty-five seconds in America. In the past stolen vehicles were stripped down and sold for parts, but part-marking laws … Continue reading

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April’s Lease Specials

April brings a shower of savings to Heidebreicht Chevrolet! If you have a lease from another dealership that’s almost over, now is the perfect time to think about switching. We have a field of special prices designed to help you … Continue reading

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Feel The Thrill Of The Road

There’s nothing quite like driving just for the fun of it. Rolling the windows down, finding a long back road and taking a leisurely drive for the sheer joy of wind in your hair- well, you can’t beat that for … Continue reading

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Chevy Tech Showdown

If we had to pick one word to describe the Chevy mission these days, it would have to be “innovation”. The words “close enough” aren’t in their vocabulary in the push to improve the driving experience. As a result, Chevy … Continue reading

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