Summer Of Chevy


It’s no secret that Michiganders love to drive. Maybe it’s the proximity to the birthplace of the automobile, but driving just runs in our blood. We wait all winter for that special time when the roads are clear enough to unpack our treasured performance cars and hit the asphalt. Chevy salutes that adventurous spirit with extensive upgrades to two favorite models: the Camaro and the Corvette.

These aren’t base cosmetic changes. Technology is improving in leaps and bounds, and Chevy has a commitment to using the most up-to-date designs manufacturing techniques. Both cars have been reshaped for higher performance while maintaining that distinctive “Chevy feel”.

The 2016 Camaro, for example, has lost a significant amount of weight. Engineers trimmed nearly three hundred pounds from the V6 model and almost four hundred from the brand-new turbo four option. This was done by cutting excess everywhere, like the ends of over-long bolts. Also, GM substituted aluminum for steel wherever it would add performance without decreasing safety ratings. The result is a leaner, lighter, faster Camaro than ever before.

Past critics of the Camaro have complained of choppy handling, but that’s not an issue with the 2016 model. The Camaro SS model corners like a dream thanks to double lower ball joints, an independent five link rear wheel suspension mechanism, and MacPherson struts (seen on vehicles like the Porsche 911). The SS can also be fitted with GM’s Magnetic Ride Control, billed as “the world’s fastest reacting suspension”. It makes the driver feel like the car is glued to the road, providing an incredibly stable driving experience.

Despite the upgrades to its engine and trims to its body, the Camaro’s cabin is quiet and luxurious. The redesign emphasizes premium materials, tailored stitching, and a refreshingly ergonomic cockpit. Drivers can opt to reconfigure their instrument cluster to display the information they use most. The available 8-inch touchscreen accesses Chevy MyLink and by extension Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

There may not seem to be much room for improvement on the Corvette. After all, last year Car and Driver ranked it ahead of the Jaguar F-Type, the Audi TT/TTS, and the Alfa Romeo 4C. Chevy is always pushing for excellence, though, and the 2016 Corvette shows it. For starters, Chevy MyLink with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay now comes standard. With the supercar performance of a Corvette, that’s a pretty crucial change. Drivers are now free to enjoy the road without trying to balance their infotainment needs.

A 455 horsepower 6.2 liter V8 engine powers the Corvette Stingray. Drivers can bump that up to 460 horsepower with an optional performance exhaust. It comes standard with a seven speed manual transmission with automatic rev-matching. The clutch is smooth, allowing fast seamless transition between gears, and the magnetic ride control provides incredible cohesion with the road. All these combine to make the Corvette go where you want it, when you want it there.

On the center console of the 2016 Corvette is one of the trademark features that make driving it such a satisfying experience: a mode selector. Five customizable driving modes offer steering, throttle, transmission, and stability control settings designed to maximize the Corvette’s performance. Like the Camaro, the Chevy MyLink system comes standard in the new model. Any serious driver will want to include the Performance Data Recorder to track acceleration and handling data (as well as recording videos of your favorite routes).

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