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Car salesmen have a bad reputation. Comedians color them as pushy, fast-talking sharks out to separate honest folks from their hard-earned money. A quick Google search turns up thousands of pages describing how to tell a good sales person from a bad one (you can find our tips here on our blog). While it is important to make sure you aren’t being taken advantage of, it’s also a bad idea to treat your salesperson like a cartoon villain. A good car salesman can be your best ally in getting the car you want at the price you need.

First, salespeople are motivated to keep you happy. It’s actually their chief motivation, even if they don’t sell you a car on your first visit. Sound ridiculous? It makes more sense when you realize that reputation sells cars in the long run. Over half of new car buyers chose their dealership based on a personal recommendation from someone they People arrive at the dealership with two or three models already in mind; they just want somewhere reliable to buy it. Good salesmen know that a person who got great service without ultimately buying anything will share that great experience with others who are more ready to buy.

Another hidden benefit is that car salesmen are great judges of how much car you can afford. Unless you’re buying up front in cash, their dealership is probably financing your loan (at least, you often get the steepest discounts when using dealer financing). If you can’t pay, they don’t get paid either. They don’t want you to struggle making payments; they want satisfied customers who come back whenever they need to upgrade. Talk to your car salesman honestly about your budget and what you need. They can point out models you might have overlooked, find you a good deal on a used car, or even help you navigate the lease process to get more car for a lower monthly payment.

Car salespeople are experts in their brand. They have to be. Referring to a manual might be easier, but it’s clunky and separates them from their customers. It is generally easier for salesmen to memorize technical information in case a customer has questions. They can rattle off crash-test safety specifics and offer detailed comparisons to competitors’ vehicles at the drop of a hat. This is a huge time-saver for buyers. If you know you want a particular feature- Apple CarPlay, for example- the salesmen can tell you which models are compatible without leaving the office. Their passion for detail will help you decide which features you need and which ones won’t work for you.

Another reason to cozy up to your sales staff is their knowledge of “extras”. Insurance benefits, tax credits, warranty programs- all these extra factors to consider can be overwhelming. You can easily miss out on savings simply because you didn’t know they were there. Did you know that some states offer tax credits for buying new electric or clean diesel vehicles? What about insurance discounts for having certain safety features or security systems? At Heidebreicht, our salespeople keep up to date on the latest discounts and incentives. They can tell you which apply to you, what cars are eligible for what deals, and walk you through how to get rate decreases from your insurance company.

You’ll find some of the finest salespeople around at Heidebreicht Chevrolet on Van Dyke Road. Stop by and meet our experienced sales team. We’ve been serving Macomb County since 1971, and we’d love to show you the kind of service you deserve!

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