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5 Impressive Features of the 2023 Chevy Trailblazer

People in the market for a small SUV need to look at the 2023 Chevy Trailblazer. There are a lot of convenience, entertainment, and safety features that make it the perfect new car for you and your family.

1. The Surprising Spaciousness

Smaller SUVs aren’t known for being incredibly spacious, so the amount of cargo space in the Trailblazer is surprising. There’s a reversible two-tier cargo storage system that lets you pack a lot into a smaller space. Plus, the rear seats and the front passenger seat can fold flat if you need to transport long objects or pack your Trailblazer with gear. You can transport objects up to 8.5 feet long when you have the front passenger seat folded down.

2. The Exciting Drive Modes

A mixture of power and efficiency is a must in any vehicle. If you opt to equip your vehicle with sport mode and all-wheel drive, then you can select between all-wheel drive, sport, and normal driving modes to adjust your traction and driving dynamics as needed for the area you’re driving in.

3. Wireless Phone Integration and Charging

Keep your Apple and Android phones connected to your infotainment system with wireless phone integration. Wireless charging pads are also available to make sure you never run out of battery on the road. All you need is the Technology Package available on the RS and ACTIV trims and a compatible mobile device.

4. The Standard Chevy Safety Assist

Many modern vehicles come with an array of safety features built-in, and the Trailblazer is no exception. Your vehicle will tell you when a forward collision is likely, and it’ll brake if you don’t hit the brakes in time.

Lane-keeping assistance and a following distance indicator are two more incredible features standard in the Trailblazer. They make it a wonderful family vehicle to teach your kids to drive in.

5. The Teen Driver Technology

The teen driver technology further backs up our point about this being a fantastic family vehicle to teach your new teen drivers how to get going on the road. The feature allows you to track your teen’s driving performance even when you’re not in the car with them. It also equips the car with a variety of additional safety functionalities, such as the feature that mutes all audio in the vehicle until front seat occupants are wearing their seat belts.

There are many features to explore in the Trailblazer, so come and take a look at Heidebreicht Chevrolet. Take the Trailblazer out for a test drive and see what this crossover has to offer.

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