The New & Improved Chevrolet Volt

In the world of hybrid cars, there is no room for complacency. Take the award-winning Chevrolet Volt, for example. It was released rather recently- just at the end of 2010- but hybrid technology advances at an incredibly fast pace. New features are available every year: better batteries, lighter frames, improved peripheral features. With this in mind, GM undertook a serious overhaul of the...

Feeling the Need for Green: Why You Need to Look at the Spark

People across the country are working hard to preserve the environment, and here in Michigan we are no different. The ozone is being depleted, and our fossil fuels are running low, leaving many people looking to use as little of them as possible. As we’ve become more aware of what we are doing to the Earth, it makes sense that we work to reverse that trend -- after all, we’ve only got one...

Summer Events Calendar

Summer is known by many as a carefree time of freedom, but any parent knows that isn’t quite the case! The kids may be free from school, but that means it is time for you to plan out your summer activities, whether that be sports, playdates, or vacations. Heidebreicht in Washington, Michigan wants to help you make the most of your summer events with vehicles that can get your family where...
2015 chevrolet volt

Top 5 Features of the Chevrolet Volt in Washington

The Chevrolet Volt in Washington is a new kind of car for a new age of driving. The Volt is an aerodynamic vehicle that is perfect for your daily commute and weekend road trips. If you want a car that looks great and is kind to the environment, the Volt is the car for you. Here are a few of the top reasons why so many people are coming in to Heidebreicht to take the Volt home:  1. It’s a...

Get to Know About Us at Heidebreicht Chevrolet, Romeo, MI

Welcome to Heidebreicht Chevrolet dealer! We proudly serve Romeo, MI Chevrolet customers with the greatest selection of new and used cars, SUVs and trucks. Our main objective is “your complete satisfaction” in everything we offer. At Heidebreicht Chevrolet, we’ve always adhered to the highest standards of quality and customer care, ever since our beginning in 1971. Whether you are coming...