Feeling the Need for Green: Why You Need to Look at the Spark


People across the country are working hard to preserve the environment, and here in Michigan we are no different. The ozone is being depleted, and our fossil fuels are running low, leaving many people looking to use as little of them as possible. As we’ve become more aware of what we are doing to the Earth, it makes sense that we work to reverse that trend — after all, we’ve only got one planet to live on. We recycle, we compost, and we find more energy efficient ways to get around.

The Chevrolet Spark is a great way to reduce your environmental impact. Getting as much as 39 miles per gallon, the Spark can get you where you need to go while expending a little fuel as possible, helping you save the environment, and saving you money at the same time. Despite its small size, the Spark has plenty of room for your friends and cargo, so you can add carpooling to your list of green activities!

Heidebreicht is proud to support Chevrolet as the company strives to make the most of modern research to improve the efficiency of their vehicles, and we are happy to help Macomb County and the surrounding area get into more energy efficient vehicles. The Spark isn’t the only green vehicle we have to offer; there’s a wide selection! Come by our lot to speak with our helpful sales staff to check other vehicles that are easy on the environment.

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