Your Pre-Road Trip Checklist For Spring

Road Trip Ready

Spring is the second most popular season for road trips. Once the ice melts Chevy families pack up and hit the road. Whether you’re going to visit relatives or just heading for your favorite camping spot, Heidebreicht wants to make sure you get there safely. Here are our top three tips for getting road-trip ready.

  1. Hit the car wash. Winter is hard on cars, especially in Michigan. Salt, sand, and road slush can damage the underbody of your car and eat away at your paint. If you have a power jack you can safely use to do the underside, that’s great! For the rest of us, find a car wash with a good undercarriage power wash. There are several nice places in Washington to have this done. It’s also a good time to vacuum the interior; fallen leaves have a way of sneaking into the neatest car.
  2. Check your tire pressure. Tires lose about one pound per square inch with every 6 degree drop in temperature. Now that the weather is getting warmer, dig out your tire gauge and make sure the pressure falls within the manufacturer’s recommended range. You can find that information on the sidewall of your tire or in your Chevy manual. Also, if you haven’t swapped your winter tires for an all-weather set yet, have that done now.
  3. Top off all your fluids. This is a sensible idea whenever you’re heading out of town. Windshield washer fluid is usually low in the spring, but check everything else just in case.

For trips farther than an hour or two, getting an oil change will head off a lot of problems. Don’t forget to have your vehicle serviced by our service department on Van Dyke Road before you leave!

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