Chevrolet Encourages The Public To #DayItForward

Chevy Day It Forward

Every four years we get an extra day in our calendar. This is meant to compensate for the uneven distribution of our calendar, since a trip around the sun takes 365 and a quarter days. Leap Day is always a source of humor and pride, but this year Chevrolet made it something better: a chance to help others.

On February 29th, Chevy issued a challenge over Twitter: take the extra day and use it to do something nice for someone who wasn’t expecting it. Celebrities, communities and dealers answered in force by performing acts of unanticipated kindness. Chevrolet called this effort #DayItForward, and amazing stories of generosity have been popping up across the country.

Actor Jared Padalecki decided to surprise an old friend, Matt, who had just had knee surgery. Matt was a constant source of support and inspiration during the actor’s early days, and Padalecki wanted to support his friend’s art in return. He took Matt on a casual trip to a music store, then stunned him by revealing that the beautiful acoustic guitar he admired was his to keep.

Here in Michigan, Daniel Norris of the Detroit Tigers gave a young fan a special tour of the stadium. The visit was personal for Norris; he survived the same form of thyroid cancer that his guest is fighting now. At the end of the day Norris gifted the boy with a trip for him and his entire family to see the Tigers during Spring Training.

Leap Day might have passed, but you have time to join the movement. Look for things you can do right here in Washington. Stop by Heidebreicht on Van Dyke Avenue to ask about our current community programs and find out how you can #DayItForward.

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