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Chevy trucks and country music go together like ham and eggs. Whether it’s Jason Aldean getting ready to “Ride This Chevy” or Gretchen Wilson bemoaning her Silverado-stealing ex-boyfriend in “One Bud Wiser”, stars have been singing the praises of Chevy trucks since Country music began. Chevy plays a pretty big role in their home lives, too. Look in the garages of the top artists in the field and you’ll find at least one beloved truck that sees regular use. Dierks Bentley’s old Chevy Big White is practically a celebrity itself.

The most popular ride for Country’s elite seems to be the Silverado. Whether it’s a brand new 1500 with the latest technology or a broken-in 90s model, stars love the truck as much as the rest of us.

Both halves of rising sensation Florida Georgia Line drive new Silverados. Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard received the customized vehicles from a Kennesaw dealership as a “thank you” for mentioning the business in their hit song “Cruise”, but for Kelley Chevy has been a life-long love. Talking about his first experience with the brand, he said, “I was driving down the road, and driving the other way was a Chevy Silverado… It was like that teal green that was cool in the ’90s… it was lifted, and I was like that is awesome! Ever since, I’ve always wanted a big ole Chevy with a lift kick.” Kelley got his 6-inch lifted Silverado 1500 4×4 Z71 with 35 in tires, though he went for a metallic blue instead of teal. Hubbard drives the same model in silver, chosen to stand out against the blue truck he already owned.

Luke Bryan is a big Silverado fan. The “All My Friends Say” singer has driven several different models of the truck in his lifetime, though right now he favors an all-black four wheel drive Silverado 1500 Z71 LT. Bryan doesn’t baby his truck at all. It’s been through some pretty hairy adventures. He once tweeted a humorous reminder to his fans about setting the parking brake posted right above a picture of his Silverado half sunk into a lake. The truck lived up to its Chevy Tough reputation- he was driving it again in no time.

For some artists their trucks aren’t just a ride. They’re inspiration. AMC Song of the Year “I Drive Your Truck” tells the story of a man whose brother, a soldier, died in the line of duty. The narrator drives his brother’s truck to feel close to him. This song was co-written by Conni Harrington after hearing an interview with the father of a fallen soldier who did the same thing Lee Brice, who performed the song, drives a black 2012 Chevy Silverado.

What is it about the Silverado- and Chevy- that makes it so popular with country artists? It doesn’t seem to be losing momentum. Even young artists like Taylor Swift name-drop Chevy in their music. Phil Caruso, national promotions manager for Chevrolet, thinks it’s about American values of hard work, quality, and fun. He describes country music as being a reflection of American culture and values. “When you consider how long Chevrolet’s been a cultural force, it’s not surprising that those who’ve depicted all aspects of American life through country music have been so influenced by the brand.”

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