spring specials

Chevrolet Service Specials in New Haven put a “Spring in Your Step”

spring specials

If you’re looking for Chevrolet service specials in New Haven, Heidebreicht Chevrolet has offers that will put a spring in your step. Take a look at what’s being offered today to ensure that your car or truck is in the best shape possible going into spring.

Lube, Oil and Filter only $13

It’s a given that after a harsh winter, nothing helps a vehicle more than a lube, oil and filter change. It’s recommended every few thousand miles as well as when there are large changes in temperature. Heidebreicht Chevrolet has a number of great specials available for every make and model vehicle, whether you are looking for full synthetic oil service ($49) or you have a diesel vehicle. Click here for specials available right now. Your vehicle could definitely use one– save money and keep it in top shape!

Tire Rotation and Balance only $39.95

Tire Rotation for all 4 tires and wheels only $10.00! After a record-setting winter, checking on your tire rotation and balance is definitely worthwhile. Unbalanced tires don’t just make your ride less comfortable, they also make your vehicle less fuel-efficient, wasting gas and eventually reducing the performance levels of your vehicle. Often neglected by drivers, spring is the perfect time for you to make sure your vehicle is in top shape and that your tires are properly rotated and balanced.

Four Wheel Alignment only $59.95

Making sure that your wheels are aligned is something you should do at least once a year in a tune up, and the service doesn’t involve just wheels. They will check steering, suspension and shocks, tie rods and ball joints, as well as set toe-in, camber and caster where applicable. Plus they check tire pressure and inspect tires for cuts, damage and uneven wear. All this for a rock bottom price means Heidebreicht Service Specials in New Haven are truly there for you this spring!

View all of our 15 Service Specials here, and consider it a reminder that your car or truck will serve you well when you take care of it. Take advantage of these specials today!

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