Wondering about Auto Finance in Sterling Heights? Buy vs. Lease Quiz gives Answers

Buy v.s. Lease

“To Buy or not to Buy”, that is the Question”. The truth is that both Buy and Lease options were designed to make car purchasers happy, so people often look at buying or leasing the wrong way – they search for what feels financially prudent instead of what makes them happy.

Linked below is a simple quiz. It asks you questions about you as a car buyer. How do you feel about the car you’re buying? What does the future look like for you with your vehicle? These are the real questions you have to ask when it comes to determining whether you’d be happier buying or leasing. Even if you choose what you may think is economically more prudent, you could end up feeling like you lost out later.

What Kind of Car Buyer Are You?

Buying (or financing a vehicle) or leasing are options which are designed to help you figure out what you need your car for.  Is this a work vehicle? Is the company paying for part or all of the lease? Or is this going to be your “baby”? Are you going to add your own decor to it? Is it a vehicle you are going to become attached to? These are the questions the quiz below answers, and they all boil down to “what kind of car buyer are you?” If you are looking for a car to become part of the family, leasing will make you unhappy, and if this car is something you’re not personally invested in, buying is going to feel like a waste of money when you’re ready for a new vehicle.

The linked quiz has 13 simple questions. Take our quick Buy vs. Lease Quiz to see which option is best for you and why.

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