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Tailored Maintenance for Your 2024 Chevrolet: Visit Your Dealership

If you want to keep your new Chevy in good condition, then it’s important to follow the recommended Chevy service schedule. At your Chevy dealership, you will get the benefit of Chevy maintenance that is customized to meet the needs of your exact trim and specifications. 

Your local dealer makes it easy to schedule your next service appointment, either online or by phone. If you aren’t sure about the type of service your vehicle needs, your Chevy mechanic can run an engine diagnostic or complete a multi-point vehicle inspection to ensure all parts of your vehicle are in good condition. You should always schedule a maintenance appointment if you notice any vehicle performance problems.

When Should You Schedule Your First Maintenance Appointment?

As a new vehicle owner, it’s a good idea to schedule your first vehicle maintenance appointment after six months of your vehicle purchase. Chevy recommends your first service appointment after 7,500 miles. During this appointment, a Chevy mechanic will assess the level of your motor oil, top up your oil, and replace oil filters. 

Other Maintenance Intervals

After your first vehicle maintenance appointment, your next service interval will be at 15,000 miles. This service appointment will also assess the condition of your engine oil, as well as perform tasks such as tire rotations and other routine maintenance. 

At 22,500 miles, Chevy recommends replacing air filters and motor oil. After 30,000 to 37,500 miles, another oil change and tire rotation is ideal. At 45,000 miles, your Chevy mechanic will complete a thorough service appointment that will include replacing fluid for the transmission and brakes, changing filters, and more. These service intervals will continue for as long as you own your Chevy. 

What If You Need Replacement Parts?

If your Chevy ever needs a replacement part, then your local dealership has you covered. From OEM parts to new tires, you can easily order the parts your vehicle needs online or when you visit your dealership for your next service appointment. It’s a good idea to use genuine Chevy parts for all of your vehicle repairs since these parts are designed to maintain the excellent performance of your vehicle.

Tailored service for your Chevy will ensure your vehicle has a long lifespan. Get in touch with Heidebreicht Chevrolet in Washington Township, MI to book your next maintenance appointment today. 

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