Protecting Your Interior With GM Floor Liners

Protecting Your Interior with GM Floor Liners

Fall is all around us, and nowhere in eastern Michigan beats Macomb County for color. With twelve thousand acres of park land under the county’s jurisdiction, we really know how to put on a show! Of course, as winter nears those pretty leaves turn into a problem. They collect in gutters and along roads, making it nearly impossible to keep them out of your car. 

When the snow falls it mixes with the leaves to make a slushy, dirty mess. Stains will deal a heavy blow to resale value. Left unchecked, moisture and dirt can wear through your carpet entirely and begin to corrode your flooring. Before that happens, make sure your vehicle is protected. At Heidebreicht we carry high quality accessories to keep the muck from reaching your carpets. Our mats and liners are custom designed to ensure a perfect fit without any measuring or trimming. The deep molded grooves trap leaves, dirt, and moisture as they are tracked into the vehicles. Cleaning is as easy as wiping and sweeping the mat.

We recommend ordering floor mats and liners directly from a Chevy dealer. Products made by non-GM approved companies may be ill fitting. Debris can build up in the gap between liner and vehicle, making a channel for moisture to build up underneath. With mats fitted precisely to the interior of each model, that’s one problem you don’t have to worry about. Give us a call to order your GM floor liner.

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