Peace Of Mind: A Gift For You And Your Family

Gift being held outComing up with inspiration for Christmas presents is hard. There are so many options that choosing just a few can be overwhelming. Things get more complicated when shopping for a college student with limited dorm space or a senior parent, who may already have a house full of treasures from holidays past. What can you get these people that shows them how much you care?

Take a novel approach this year: think about your family’s cars. Maintenance can be pricey for people living on fixed retirement, students, and those with young families. Consider these suggestions from your friends at Heidebreicht.

Snow Tires: We get a lot of snow in Michigan, and with our lakeside climate the roads refreeze several times a season. A quality set of snow helps a travel-happy loved one get prepared for winter. With our 30-Day price match on tires, you can be sure you’re getting the best deal around.

New Brake Pads: College students are notoriously low on cash, and they don’t always follow a strict service schedule. They often tempt fate by stretching the limits of good maintenance. Look out for their safety by looking into this month’s Professional Durastop brake pad special.

Oil Changes: Take some of the stress off your parents this year by taking their car for a surprise oil change. We offer a conventional package as well as Dexos oil change option.

If you want your present to be a surprise, gift certificates are a great choice. We offer gift certificates in any denomination, so we can handle whatever you think is needed. Stop into our Macomb County showroom and let us show you how to give a gift that will make a difference.

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