Is Cheap Gas Killing Your Chevy? Experts Say, Probably Not

Is Cheap Gas Killing your Chevy

Worried about the right way to fuel up your GM or Chevy? You’re not alone. Gas prices are confusing for everyone, especially when stations across the street from each other have wildly different prices for the same grade. It’s tempting to head straight for the lower price every time, but some drivers hesitate over questions of quality. Is cheap gas safe? Do new cars need expensive fuel? 

The service department at Michigan Heidebreicht would like to set your minds at ease. There is no real difference between gas at a national chain and that found in your local fuel station. In fact, it’s sometimes the exact same gasoline. Oil companies commonly supply independent or even rival brand stations. This came to light a few years ago when BP announced a huge fuel recall due to contamination problems at their storage facility. Although BP stations were hardest hit, the recall targeted stations owned by Speedway, Meijer, and even Citgo.

Paying more for fuel isn’t always paying for better quality. The number on the pump is based on wholesale prices, decisions by the station owner, and the marketing strategies of the parent brand. It’s generally safe to fuel up wherever you get the best value.

One caution: while price isn’t a good indicator of quality, contaminated fuel can cause engine problems. To minimize your risk try to avoid stations with low traffic. This is a good indicator the tanks aren’t emptied as often as busier stations, so you could be pumping the last few inches from a dirty tank.

For more tips on fuel economy and safety, drop by and talk to one of our service techs. We’re happy to help you make the most of your investment.


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