GM Owner Center Website

Are you looking for one place where you can view your in depth information on your Chevrolet? Look no further! The GM Owner Center website is here! It’s a FREE, easy to use website for Chevy Dealers in MI, Chevy Dealer in Rochester, MI, and Beyond!

Check out some great features of the GM Owner Center:

Vehicle Information:  Customers can download owner manuals and view vehicle-specific how-to videos which include explanations on certain features of your new Chevrolet!

Maintenance Information: Customers can view maintenance schedules, vehicle related alerts, OnStar onboard vehicle diagnostic information, and schedule service appointments

Service History: Customers can view and print a summary of service records (from participating Certified Service Dealers and self-entered service records)

Preferred Dealer Information: Customers will have the ability to select a preferred sales and service dealer, view location, maps, phone numbers, hours and link directly to the dealer website

Warranty Information: Customers can view general warranty information

Recall Information: Customers can view open recalls, applicable to each vehicle (VIN is required)

Additional Account Information: Customers can add and view GM Card points, SiriusXM radio ID, and some OnStar account information

Live Chat Support: Customers can get questions answered or help with navigation without having to call Customer Assistance.

The next time you are looking for information on  your new or pre-owned Chevrolet, visit the GM Owner Center Website at

Owner Center

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