Cleanest Used Cars Around!

Your heard it hear first, we are claiming the title “Cleanest Used Cars Around” for our Pre-Owned Inventory here at Heidebreicht Chevrolet.

Let’s be honest, some of us are great at keeping our cars cleaned. We get car washes, we keep clutter (fast food wrappers, receipts, etc.) from piling up, and we vacuum our car out once in awhile. However, many of us are not. And when it comes to buying a used Malibu, used Chevy Cruze, or any used cars in MI, your buying a ” new” vehicle for you, and you want the vehicle to look clean and new.

That’s why at Heidebreicht, we are claiming have the cleanest used cars around! Stop by and check them out for yourself, or visit our website for complete inventory and you can see up to 15 pictures of each vehicle (inside and out) and you can be the judge.


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