What Our Customers Are Telling Us


Here at Heidebreicht we know that word spreads quickly around Washington, Michigan, and we want to make sure that the word that goes around about us is always good! We work hard to ensure that every customer’s experience is a great one, and use your feedback to know what we should keep doing, and what needs to change.

Our Customer Service department is proud to say that the overwhelming majority of feedback we receive is amazingly positive! We love seeing reviews such as:

  • “Everyone was kind, friendly, and helpful,” from Charles B.
  • “The service representative was helpful in explaining what and why services needed to be done to resolve my problem in terms I could understand,” from Kay C.
  • “Earl Culver was a very helpful salesman…Love the Silverado,” from Ralph V.

Positive feedback encourages our staff and helps us know we are headed in the right direction!

However, no company is perfect, and we also take the rare less positive feedback in stride. For example, Kurt S. wrote:

“It would be nice if the techs would be a little more careful or clean up after themselves when the work is finished. Several times now I have found fingerprints on my windshield around the area where they put the oil change sticker. Also found oily fingerprints on the door and steering wheel.”

Negative feedback is always disappointing, but at Heidebreicht we use these reviews as a learning experience, and a training opportunity. In this instance, we took the time to talk to our service team about how this could be prevented, and encouraged them to make efforts to keep it from happening in the future. We’re proud to say that since this incident occurred, we haven’t received complaints of it happening again.

Heidebreicht has been serving Macomb County since 1971, and we strive to offer the best service possible to every customer we work with. Come on in and see why we are the best!

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