Finding the Balance: How Often Do You Really Need To Change Your Oil?

4 Finding the balance

There are a lot of conflicting opinions out there about how often to change your car’s oil. Everyone agrees it should be done at reasonable intervals, but the definition of “reasonable” is a topic of hot debate. Some mechanics say cars needs service every three months while others argue an engine can go as long as ten thousand miles between oil changes

At Heidebreicht Chevrolet, many of our vehicles come equipped with the Engine Oil Life System. The OLS takes the guesswork out of service. This system measures your driving habits and the surrounding temperature to determine when your oil isn’t performing up to standard anymore. You don’t need to schedule an oil change until the OLS light comes on.

If your car doesn’t have the OLS, deciding when to come in for service is trickier. The first step is to check your owner’s manual. Often the recommended frequency is given as a range, with extreme operating conditions pushing your engine towards the lower end. “Extreme” doesn’t only cover freezing weather. Stop and go traffic, making many short trips where your vehicle cools before restarting, frequent towing, and doing most of your driving in city are all considered extreme driving conditions.

Our qualified technicians can help you decide how often you need an oil change. Heidebreicht Chevrolet offers Dexos and Conventional packages, both of which come with courtesy inflation, leak, and fluid checks. We are looking forward to servicing your Chevy soon!

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