Chocolates in Romeo, MI

Who Doesn’t Love Chocolate!

Chocolates in Romeo, MI

Heidebreicht is thrilled to feature Juliet’s Chocolates in our service lane for our service customers to enjoy. A dark or Milk chocolate candy bar will be placed on every seat once the vehicle is completed for each of our guests.

For over 30 years Juliet Chocolates has been making homemade chocolates that melt in your mouth. Unlike most manufactured chocolates, we use only all natural products and no fillers or paraffin, so you can enjoy the “real chocolate” flavor from the very first bite.

“Our commitment to manufacturing only quality, all natural products earns Juliet Chocolates the prestigious RCI (Retail Confectioners International) Membership – exclusive to the most prominent candy makers throughout the world. Our dedication to making only ‘real chocolate’ treats has brought worldwide requests for our savory morsels.” With hundreds of variety chocolates to fall in love with, Juliet Chocolates can fill your every craving and desire. Juliet’s wouldn’t dream of using anything but natural ingredients – So when’s the last time you fell in love?

Our new car buyers can also expect to receive a package filled with delicious Caramel Corn as a special thank you following the purchase of a new car!

Juliet Chocolates is perfectly located in Romeo, Michigan where “real chocolate” lovers begin their romance.

STORE HOURS: Monday Through Saturday 10am-7pm or Order by phone: 586-752-4335
66870 Van Dyke Road, Washington, MI 48095, United States

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