Chevy Wows At The North American International Auto Show

Chevy Cruz and Bolt EV at North American International Auto Show

With fuel prices staying low, most automakers have been focusing on larger crossovers and full-sized trucks. Chevy does have an impressive selection of heavy duty vehicles in their fleet, but it was their new, eco-friendly additions that won standing ovations at January’s North American International Auto Show. The show was held at the Cobo Center, just under an hour south of Washington, Michigan. Visitors from around the globe were present for the unveiling of the Chevy Bolt EV and the Chevy Cruze hatchback.

The sedan version of the Cruze is already available. In fact, it’s Chevys best-selling car internationally with three and a half million units sold since its 2008 debut. According to drivers, they choose the Cruze for its fuel efficiency, reliability, and distinctive styling, and they can expect the same qualities from the Cruze Hatch. The hatchback model rests on the same engine and wheelbase as the sedan. From the C-pillar forward the two models are styled very similarly, which should make current Cruze fans happy.

Behind that point is where the sharp, sporty new design takes over. From the horizontal wrap-around taillights to the integrated spoiler at the lift gate, the Cruze Hatch has a look all its own. It has amazing carrying capacity, too; with five adults in the car there is still almost 30 cubic feet of room. Fold the rear seats down and you can stretch that to more than 47 cubic feet.

Why add a hatchback when larger vehicles are so popular? Alan Batey, president of General Motors North America and Global Chevrolet, says that small hatchbacks are an exception to the current push for more size. He promises that Cruze “articulates the brand promise of offering cars with the latest technologies, more features and greater efficiency, performance and safety with fresh, distinctive styling.”

To further that promise, Chevy also released more information on the eagerly anticipated Bolt EV. The Bolt EV is Chevy’s latest achievement in their push to create practical, affordable electric cars. Details have been few and far between this far from the start of production, but Chevy opened up a little about the Bolt’s capabilities at the NAIAS.

A serious focus when creating the Bolt EV was in creating something that would meet the day-to-day needs of drivers. The car uses a high capacity motor to deliver more than 200 miles per charge. It’s a surprisingly powerful system, offering 266 lb./ft. of torque and 200 horsepower, and it accelerates from zero to sixty in less than seven seconds.

Responding to feedback from Volt owners looking for peace of mind, Chevy paid a lot of attention to the Bolt EV’s monitoring system. The car will display a continuously updated range estimate based on time of day, traffic, terrain, and driving style. Charging and connectivity features are specifically designed to draw little power from the battery, maximizing the car’s ability to interface with its owner’s smartphone. Everything will be controlled either through the 10.2” touchscreen or the floating instrument panel.

The Bolt EV is the first extended-range electric vehicle to offer Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. It will also use a custom app called My Chevrolet to access an owner’s manual, navigation, and climate control. My Chevrolet can be accessed even from outside the cabin.

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