Chevy Tech Showdown

Chevy Colorado and Impala and Malibu

If we had to pick one word to describe the Chevy mission these days, it would have to be “innovation”. The words “close enough” aren’t in their vocabulary in the push to improve the driving experience. As a result, Chevy vehicles stand out from the pack when it comes to high-tech, driver-focused features. Let’s take a look at three different models and see which technology sets them apart in their respective classes.

2016 Colorado

The Chevy Colorado has been Motor Trend’s Truck of the Year twice in a row, with the Diesel model scooping the honor this year. This pickup has the heart of a full-size truck, delivering more power, more efficiently than any other midsize truck.

Much of that is due to the state-of-the-art Duramax 2.8 liter 181 horsepower Turbo-Diesel engine. The Duramax is hands-down the best engine available in a midsize truck. Nothing else comes close to its performance. Torque ratings are the best in its class at 369 pounds per foot. In a four wheel drive model the engine can pull 7600 pounds, and that’s bumped up to 7700 for two-wheel drive trucks. If you’re worried about the level of fuel consumption needed to feed that kind of power, you can rest easy. A Colorado with the Duramax engine gets 22 miles to the gallon in city and 31 on the highway.

That’s not the only technology built into the Colorado. You can interact with your smartphone though your truck with Chevy MyLink. This system lets you use voice commands or an easy to navigate touchscreen system to play music, make calls, and send texts all while your eyes stay on the road. Both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are compatible with the MyLink system. Android Auto recently got an update which lets you access many third-party apps which were previously unavailable.

2016 Impala

This year has seen significant expansion in safety features available across the Chevy fleet, and the Impala can be equipped with all of them. The industry-leading driver confidence package sounds like a wish list: front pedestrian alert, land departure warnings, side blind zone alert, rear cross alert, forward collision alert (with a convenient following distance indicator), intellibeam headlamps, and more can all be fitted into an Impala. While these features are no substitute for an alert driver, they seriously cut down on the risk from other drivers who might not be as attentive.

On top of the impressive safety feature package, we’ve gotten rave reviews about Chevy’s OnStar 4G LTE Wi-Fi Hotspot. Chevy is the first (and so far only) company to bring wireless internet to vehicles throughout its fleet. This isn’t a basic cell-phone level link, either; up to seven devices can connect at once. The hotspot gets better signal than phones, meaning you can expect service nearly everywhere your Impala can drive.

2016 Malibu

On top of Chevy’s superior infotainment system and Wi-Fi hotspot capabilities, the Malibu has something found nowhere else: the Teen Driver system. The new tool is aimed at promoting better driving habits among young drivers. Parents can set up key-specific boundaries for their teenagers, like maximum speed limits and text alerts when the driver forgets their seatbelt. Another option mutes the entertainment system unless everyone in the vehicle buckles up. When parents can track how their children drive unsupervised, they have a unique opportunity to correct bad habits while their teens are still learning.

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