Catching up on Crossovers

Catching Up on Crossovers

Heidebreicht Chevrolet would like to share some exciting news from General Motors. Having finished a complete reworking of their heavier vehicles, such as trucks and SUVs, GM is now working to fill customer demand for crossovers. 

Crossovers and SUVs look somewhat similar in appearance, but they are different from the chassis up. SUVs are built on a truck’s “body on frame” design. Crossovers use the lighter, more flexible car platform where the body and frame are one integral piece. This means SUVs might have higher pull limits and crossovers are more fuel efficient.

Look for most of the existing GM crossovers to be remade. The SRX, a midsized vehicle, is getting a design overhaul and a new name: the XT5. Other new or redesigned models are expected to be released over the next five years.

Chevy is getting in on the redesign action as well. In the coming nine months their most popular vehicles, including the Camaro, Spark, Volt, Cruze, and Malibu, will launch with new looks and features.

Buick plans to flesh out their fleet with a crossover called the Envision. The Envision has been having success in China since last year and fits nicely between the smaller Encore and the burly Enclave. Buick may also be reworking their car lineup, though that will have to wait until later next year for release.

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