A Home Run For Community Spirit

Community baseball game
Community baseball game

Community is a key value here at Heidebreicht. When the community prospers, we prosper. That’s why it’s so important to us to take part in activities across Washington County, not just Chevy-related events. Every year we are privileged to sponsor a Romeo-area youth baseball team. Right now we have partnered with the Washington Area Athletic Association and the Washington Baseball league.

Physical fitness and a love of athletics is great, but Little League is about more than sports. It helps kids build a whole host of life skills, from personal responsibility to community awareness. Children who play organized sports tend to do better in school because of the discipline learned on the team. They also learn good coping mechanisms for stress (after all, they can’t win every game). The benefits even reach parents, who have the chance to make friends with similar families while supporting their teams.

Sponsorship can take many forms. We provide equipment, t-shirts, and monetary donation to our team as well as organizing special outings. One of these was a Baseball Clinic held at Comerica Park, where the kids were taught new ways to improve their skills. Another time we staged a Day at the Detroit Tigers Game. The kids got to see professional baseball players and were brought on the field for special recognition.

Sometimes we’re able to go the extra mile. In 2014 we were participated in a national vehicle raffle, selling tickets to increase our chance to give one of our league families a new Chevy. A lot of dealers were in the drawing, but Heidebreicht was the lucky winner! We were so honored to present the Quirk family with a brand new Chevy Traverse.

Don’t forget to support your community. Reach out and find the ways you can take part!

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