Winning Hearts At AutoWeek With The Chevy Volt

2016 chevy volt

Of all the new cars designed for the eco-conscious customer, the Volt stands head and shoulders above the crowd. You don’t have to take our word for it, though. The editors and staff at AutoWeek got their hands on a 2016 Chevy Volt for a full road test and review last month, and they’re still talking about it.

Most of the attention is on the Volt’s powertrain, newly redesigned by GM engineers. It uses an electric motor backed up by a 1.5 liter four cylinder engine that serves as a generator. This assembly delivers about 8% more power than the previous model but is twenty pounds lighter. That reduction in weight gives it a faster, smoother acceleration similar to gas-powered vehicles. That’s a rare quality in green vehicles.

With a 53 mile pure electric range, most daily travel can be done without the generator even switching on. That transition is quiet and efficient, barely noticeable unless you’re listening for it. One staffer noticed that she made it almost a week without using any gas at all.

The AutoWeek staff was also impressed with the styling updates, both inside and out. It has a sleek, sporty profile, not the exaggerated science fiction exteriors typical of eco-friendly cars. The controls are well-placed around the driver’s seat for easy access- and there are a lot of available options for every trim level. Volt drivers can choose Chevrolet MyLink radio with navigation, a driver confidence package with alerts for blind zone intrusions or lane departures, and much more. Editor Wesley Wren praised the design, saying that it “could be the hybrid that converts the folks on the fence.”

Want to see the Volt for yourself? Drop in to Michigan Heidebreicht for a test drive.

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