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Three Delicious Detroit Restaurants

Detroit offers a vibrant, energetic and modern dining scene that is quickly becoming one of the best in the Midwest. These three delicious Detroit restaurants exemplify the exciting wave of restaurants that puts the Motor City on the food map.

Flowers of Vietnam

This tasty Vietnamese joint is housed in what used to be the Vernor Coney Island location. Flowers of Vietnam still maintains the old-school neon signs and lunch counter, but the restaurant as a whole is modernized. The delicious food offered is on a consistent rotation, though it always entails an array of Vietnamese dishes. While here, be sure to try the staples, lobster vermicelli and coffee egg cream.

Grey Ghost Detroit

Grey Ghost Detroit is a stellar American restaurant, specializing in cocktails and meat. Located near the Detroit Institute of Arts, Grey Ghost Detroit has meat options ranging from a traditional rare steak to duck breast with foie gras. There are also lots of great brunch and alcoholic options to choose from.


This minimalist restaurant sports only four communal tables and a relatively small menu, but the food is fantastic. Gather has something for every mood, with fish tacos, wings, socca and more. You can also pair your meal with a drink from their ever-changing menu.

We at Heidebreicht Chevrolet are happy to neighbor the city of Detroit. Stop by our dealership for a test drive before trying out one of these great Detroit restaurants.

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