“Super Cruise” Into the Future

GMs Semi Cruice Into The Future

General Motors has been fine-tuning its hands-free driving technology almost as long as Google. Last month the auto giant announced plans to put that technology on the road in two years. GM has already proved itself as a leader in safety innovation with its suite of voice-controlled communication features and accident avoidance options, but this is an exciting leap forward. “Super Cruise” technology keeps a vehicle in a specific lane, automatically adjusting for speed and traffic. The vehicle will be able to communicate with other “vehicle to vehicle” (V2V) equipped devices to share information about the environment, road conditions and traffic patterns.

The Super Cruise has two purposes: to prevent careless accidents and to give drivers a way to take a safe break when they can’t leave the car. Because of this the system isn’t fully automated. It will, however, be a relief to drivers stuck on congested Michigan highways.

Right now GM intends to equip 2017 Cadillac luxury models with the Super Cruise control technology. The system will slowly “trickle down” to other models as it gains traction. Also hitting the streets in 2017 is a line of Cadillac CTS sedans with V2V communication systems. V2V communications operate using a wireless network similar to those used by laptops. Once linked they can share information about speed, positon, and braking as fast as ten times per second. Information directly from the other car will help the front collision avoidance stop faster. It can also feed into the navigation system to plan a faster route.

Though this technology may be a few years away, there are plenty of exciting features on our new vehicles at Michigan Heidebreicht. We love improving the lives of our customers. Let us show you how we can make your drive safer.

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