Snow Tires: Your Ticket To A Season Of Safety

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With December only weeks away, Michigan is heading into heavy snow season. If this winter is anything like the past, we know snow will fall faster than the city can get it plowed. Even urban drivers can expect to deal with drift-covered streets and driveways. If you want to minimize the danger of icy roads, look into putting a good set of snow tires on your Chevy. Here are a few tips from your friends at Heidebreicht to make sure you have the right gear for the weather.

  1. Make sure you buy “snow” or “winter” tires instead of “all weather” tires. Despite their name, all weather tires don’t work in every climate. The rubber used to make them gets hard in icy conditions and can’t grip the road properly. Snow tires are made from an advanced silica-based polymer with excellent cold resistance.
  2. Check out the tread pattern. Snow can build up and freeze over in shallow treads. Look for deep treads meant to throw ice before it has a chance to pack in tight. A good set of snow tires will have slits around the edges of the pattern called “siping” which improve traction.
  3. Keep an eye on your thermometer. Standard tires harden past the point of efficiency when the temperatures drop below 45 degrees. Once the weather gets cold and stays there, it’s time to switch out your all weather set for winter tires. You can leave them on all winter. Be sure you take them off when the temperatures climb past 45 degrees, though. Warm weather makes snow tires soft and wears them down faster.

Our service professionals can help pick out the right tires for your winter driving needs. Visit our Macomb County showroom and let us help you get winter ready.

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