Put A Smile On Your Face With Chevy

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When you’re a household name like Chevy, commercials are less about getting your name out there and more about speaking to your people. Chevy people are known for hard work, American values, and a playful sense of humor. That makes for some pretty great commercials. As the year begins, join the staff at Heidebreicht for a look back at some of our favorites.

Everyone with a television remembers this first one from back in February, at the Superbowl. Chevy bought airtime, but instead of using it where other companies did they chose a spot before the game even began. It began with an aerial shot of the stadium. Suddenly the picture flickered, then disappeared under a haze of interference.  Fans were greeted with a black screen. It was several agonizing seconds before white text appeared on the screen. The commercial, meant to introduce the 4G LTE WiFi now available in Chevy and GM trucks, trended on Twitter for days as we all had a good laugh at ourselves.

For sheer fright factor, the Silverado steel commercial wins hands down. People were shown participating in a “materials” test where they could choose which of two cages to go into, an aluminum one or a cage of high strength steel. As they were feeling the cages, the moderator released a live grizzly bear into the room. Both subjects ran straight for the steel cage. The moderator revealed a steel-frame Silverado truck, not seeming to notice that both men were more interested in the circling grizzly bear than listening to the truck’s features.

A new year is coming, with new commercials to look forward to. Here’s hoping to see one set right here in Michigan!

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