Protect Your Investment With Floor Liners

Car floor liner

Your car isn’t just a toy or a way to and from work. Chevy vehicles are built to last, and they are a solid investment. Maybe you’ll drive the same car your entire life (which is possible with our Chevy Tough models), but chances are your living situation will change at some point. Maybe you’ll need the extra passenger space of an Equinox or the towing capabilities of a Colorado. Whatever the reason, you need to protect your Chevy if you want to preserve the trade-in value.

One way to keep your car like-new is to install floor liners. You may already have mats, but if you use your car for work or to carry children around you should consider upgrading to floor liners.

You may be wondering, what’s the difference? Aren’t those two words for the same thing? Close, but not quite. Floor mats are basically a deterrent to dirt and wetness. They are usually made from a soft, flexible composite and may be rubberized or carpeted. Rubberized mats often have tall ripples or patterns that contain dirt and water. They’re usually made to fit different models of car but don’t cover the entire floorboard area.

Floor liners are a more durable solution than floor mats. They are designed with high outer edges that follow the contours of your floorboards exactly. Unlike floor mats, these are rigid and can hold anything from snow to motor oil (or coffee!). The advantage here is that floor liners can’t be dislodged by an active child or knocked loose by heavy work boots.

If your car sees a lot of use, come to Heidebreicht to outfit it with durable floor liners. We’re conveniently located in Washington, MI near Sterling Heights & Romeo. Visit our service department today!

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