Major Guard Means Major Peace Of Mind

Major Guard means Major Peace of Mind

While browsing our website or blog, you may have come across the term “Major Guard” and wondered about it. What is Major Guard? What does it do? How important is it? We’d like to take a minute to explain the Major Guard program and answer some of the most common questions people have about it.

In short, Major Guard is a vehicle service contract which is a component of the GM Protection Plan. It can be applied to cars, light-duty trucks, and vans. Under Major Guard almost every part of your vehicle is covered after the warranty period, even if the mechanical failure results from normal wear and tear. The coverage is so extensive that it was easier for GM to list what wasn’t included in the contract and blanket approve the rest.

This service contract protects your family in the event of unexpected repair bills. It covers labor in addition to parts, and since you can have the work done at any GM-affiliated dealership in the United States or Canada it’s a sure bet that you won’t have to take your car very far to get it fixed. That coverage isn’t country-exclusive, either. If you buy your plan in Macomb County but break down across the bridge into Windsor, you can get covered repairs there without a hassle.

Calculating the cost of Major Guard involves a lot of moving parts, though it isn’t as hard as it looks. Coverage is based heavily on how long you plan to own the vehicle and what kind of deductible you want. You could choose to have no deductible or push up as high as $200, whichever works for your family and budget. Other factors that are weighed into the estimate include annual mileage, the particular vehicle being covered, and when you purchase the contract. New cars can be covered any time during the factory standard new vehicle limited warranty period. If your car is out of warranty it can only be covered when you first buy it. Better yet, you can roll the price of Major Guard into your monthly car payment to avoid having to pay a lump sum up front. If you decide to sell your car before the contract ends, you can transfer the protection to its new owner for a small administrative fee.

Major Guard does more than just fix covered auto parts. It has some really cool features, too. First, you’ll get a 24-hour, 7 day a week roadside assistance plan. This plan works anywhere in the United States and Canada. Roadside Assistance will change a flat tire, jump a dead or faulty battery, send a locksmith if you’ve locked yourself out, and even deliver fuel when you run out of gas.

If your Chevy is being repaired under Major Guard you will receive complimentary alternate transportation. The program pays for a rental replacement vehicle or (in some cases and with customer discussion) public transportation any time there will be two or more hours of labor involved in your repair, if your car isn’t drivable, or if it has to be kept overnight.

Finally, if your car breaks down more than one hundred miles from home and you haven’t reached your final destination, Major Guard will make sure you aren’t left in the cold. It will reimburse you for unplanned hotel and restaurant expenses incurred when your car is kept overnight for repairs.

Our sales staff at Heidebreicht can walk you through the Major Guard plan step by step. Sign up today and protect yourself from nasty repair surprises.

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