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Automotive technology is moving forward in high tech leaps and bounds. In the 70s anti-lock braking systems were just making an appearance, and now cars have voice controlled communications. Widely regarded as the birthplace of the American automobile industry, Michigan is on the forefront of this exciting wave of progress. That’s great news if you’re a techie. Here’s our breakdown of the most exciting Chevy technologies that will change the way you look at cars.

  1. World Wide Web to go: Road trips can be a real bore for passengers. A DVD player help stave off complaints from the backseat, but there’s only so many times you can listen to the same disc played before you wish for a better solution. Enter the innovative 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot from OnStar. Chevy is the first company to offer this cutting edge feature in every size category of vehicles in their fleet.

This is more than the limited internet access you can get from a smartphone or tablet. The OnStar hotspot generates a strong, reliable signal throughout its coverage area, far beyond the capabilities of cell providers. Better yet, there are no arguments over who gets to use the internet first. Up to seven devices can connect to the hotspot without slowing down the speed. After an initial setup, your devices will pick up the signal automatically whenever the vehicle is on.

  1. Incredible Infotainment: 2016 is a big year for phone integration. Chevy is bringing Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to fourteen models across its fleet. These programs allow an unprecedented amount of connection between your smartphone and your Colorado to free up more of your attention for driving. Both programs interface with the Chevy MyLink touchscreen, available in two different sizes. The apps you use most can be accessed via this screen. Maps, texts, music, and more can all be controlled without ever touching your phone.

The true revolution here is in the degree to which your phone can be controlled by voice command. Apple CarPlay lets you talk to its digital assistant, Siri, with an ever-expanding catalogue of apps Siri can control for you. Android’s system is built around Google programs like Google Maps and Google Play Music. It also networks with apps like WhatsApp, Skype, Spotify, and a wide variety of podcast players.

  1. Built-in Co-pilot: Never before has there been such a wide range of interactive safety features in a commercially-sold vehicle as in the 2016 line of Chevy vehicles. It’s like having a co-pilot with you everywhere you go. Two of the more active features are the Adaptive Cruise Control and the Front Pedestrian Alert which interface with Front Automatic Braking. Radar technology and cameras detect a possible crash threat and warn the driver. If the driver freezes up or doesn’t react, the feature intervenes to apply the brakes.

The list of alerts and sensors now available on most Chevy models is impressive. Lane departure warnings and side blind zone alerts can give you a head’s up when other drivers aren’t being as careful as they should. The rear cross traffic alert watches for cars or pedestrians crossing behind you. This is incredibly useful in places like parking lots and downtown areas with a lot of foot traffic. To avoid being a distraction, the sensors are ergonomically arranged around the driver’s console to allow natural use. For example, the side blind zone alert is an LED-lit symbol in the outside mirror.

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