GM Wants To Give You A Lyft

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Earlier this month, General Motors announced a new partnership with the popular ride-sharing company Lyft. The two corporations are pooling their resources to provide a seamless, reliable network of drivers across the United States.

Lyft is at the leading edge of a revolution in on-demand transportation. Their drivers take on short trips within a set geographical region, like taxi cabs, but that’s where the similarities end. Passengers pay through a secure online service, and all drivers and vehicles are certified through a 19-step safety and security screening.

It’s the kind of innovative thinking GM is known for, so this alliance comes as no surprise. GM has a lot to offer. Among the key elements of the partnership are improved networking and autonomous technology, creation of a rental hub, and increased connectivity.

Autonomous technology is a specialty of GM, who uses a number of similar systems in the operation of its design and construction facilities. They’ll combine this expertise with Lyft’s in-depth knowledge of ride-sharing services to create a flexible network of on-demand vehicles.

Lyft has very strict vehicle safety requirements for drivers which can take a while to get verified. With this new alliance, GM becomes the preferred provider of rental vehicles to Lyft drivers. This means a driver has the option of renting a Chevy with more passenger space during high-traffic seasons without worrying about whether it will pass Lyft’s safety exam.

Connectivity is probably what most passengers will be excited about. Most of the GM fleet can be equipped with a 4G LTE Wi-Fi hot-spot. That makes it easier for drivers to get rides and helps passengers stay connected.

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