Gap Care Advantage for Your Macomb Chevrolet

gap care advantage

We want you to have the best protection possible for your Chevrolet vehicle because accidents do happen and everyone knows it doesn’t take a major accident for one’s vehicle to be considered a write-off these days. That’s why Heidebreicht offers the ultimate in total loss coverage: Gap Care Advantage.  In the event that your Macomb Chevrolet is totaled, Heidebreicht has you covered with Gap Care Advantage.

Isn’t My Primary Insurance Enough?

Actually, your primary insurance policy may not be enough to cover a total loss. If your vehicle gets totaled, your insurance policy may cover the market value or cash value of the vehicle. However, compensation for the cash value or market value could be far less than the balance you still owe on your finance contract. Although your primary coverage may adequately compensate for the loss of the vehicle, you’ll need to cover the amount left on your finance contract.

Gap Care Advantage Helps Cover the Gap

To help you deal with the loss of your vehicle (whether it was a loss due to theft or damage), Gap Care Advantage is available. This kind of coverage could be invaluable if you still owe money on your finance contract. Gap Care Advantage helps cover the difference (gap) between the cash or market value of the vehicle and balance owed on your finance contract.

The Benefits of Gap Care Advantage

Gap Care Advantage offers a variety of benefits. The top benefit is that the coverage will waive most or all of the remaining balance on your finance contract. This coverage could even extend to a deductible of up to $1,000. You can pay for this coverage when you make the monthly payment on your vehicle.

If you own and finance a Macomb Chevrolet, the Gap Care Advantage plan should be seriously considered. We hope your vehicle is never totaled, but it can happen. Be sure to view all the details of Gap Care Advantage, so you won’t need to worry if your vehicle is lost because of damage or theft.

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