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Fuel-Saving Driving Habits You Should Know About

If you’re behind the wheel of a gas-powered vehicle, you’ll have to contend with the ever-fluctuating cost of fuel. Even though you cannot control the price at the pump, you can practice fuel-saving driving habits. If you are ready to stretch your gas tank as long as possible, integrate the following tips into your drives.

Calm and sensible goes a long way

Aggressive driving behaviors will cost you, not only in terms of safety but also in your budget. Don’t speed or rapidly accelerate or brake if you want your tank of gas to go the distance.

Cargo placement makes a difference

Taking advantage of vertical space is smart in a home, but wasteful for your car’s fuel economy. Instead of using roof-mounted cargo boxes, store gear on the rear of your vehicle, which is less taxing on your vehicle’s fuel economy.

Clutter drags down your vehicle

Cabins and trunks are magnets for clutter. It’s important to routinely clean out your car so you’re not carrying around excess weight from useless clutter.

Activate fuel-saving systems

Cruise control not only makes highway driving more enjoyable, it also protects your vehicle’s fuel economy. Remember to use it when you hit the open road.

Idle engines waste fuel

Keeping your engine running when your car is parked will deplete your gas tank.

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