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Fuel-Saving Driving Habits You Should Know About

If you’re behind the wheel of a gas-powered vehicle, you’ll have to contend with the ever-fluctuating cost of fuel. Even though you cannot control the price at the pump, you can practice fuel-saving driving habits. If you are ready to stretch your gas tank as long as possible, integrate the following tips into your drives. Calm and sensible goes a long way Aggressive driving behaviors will...

September Savings at Heidebreicht Chevrolet

Thinking about buying a new car or truck? Let our September deals help you decide. Heidebreicht Chevrolet has specials running through the end of September on our most popular models. We’re spotlighting some great Chevys ranging from practical to fun as well as a selection of demo cars.  What is a demo car? These vehicles have been driven a limited number of miles by the dealership’s staff...