The College Gridiron Giveaway

Michigan College Football Championship Contest

The College Gridiron Giveaway

The Metro Detroit Chevrolet Dealers Local Marketing Association are hosting the first ever College Gridiron Giveaway! You can enter this contest September 09, 2015 through September 25, 2015 for a chance to win the Grand Prize! Some of the prizes include a trip to either the NCAA College Football Championship in Arizona or a trip to the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, tickets to the University of Michigan vs. Michigan State University football game, dealership prizes, and much, much more! The Grand Prize winner and First Prize winner will be selected by a random drawing. The drawing will include entries from all 38 Metro Detroit Chevy Dealerships. Winners will be notified by telephone or e-mail. Please view below for more information, including contest rules and regulations. Good luck!!

Contest Rules & Regulations

PROMOTION:   College  Gridiron  Giveaway

DATES:   Entries  will  be  accepted  from  September  9th,  2015  until  the  close  of  business   September  25th,  2015.

HOW  TO   ENTER:   No  purchase  necessary  to  register.  You  must  be  at  least  18  years  old  to  enter,  a  U.S.   Citizen  and  a  Michigan  resident  and  able  to  provide  valid  photo  identification  upon   winning.  Register  at  your  Metro  Detroit  Chevy  Dealership,  or  by  mailing   a  3×5  card  with  the  name  of  the  contest,  your  full  name,  complete  address   including  zip  code,  e-­‐mail  (if  applicable)  and  telephone  number  to  Strive  Creative,   23510  Woodward  Ave.,  Ferndale,  Michigan    48220.

WINNER   SELECTION:   Grand  Prize  Winner  and  First  Prize  Winner  will  be  selected  by  random  drawing  of   all  entries  submitted  from  all  38  Metro  Detroit  Chevy  Dealerships.  Winners  will  be   notified  by  telephone  or  e-­‐mail.  Winner  has  48  hours  from  notification  to  respond   or  will  forfeit  prize.  Entrant  need  not  be  present  to  win.  The  “Dealership  Prizes”  of   $20  Buffalo  Wild  Wings  gift  cards  will  be  selected  by  random  drawing  from  that   specific  dealership’s  entries.    Winners  will  be  notified  by  telephone  or  e-­‐mail.

PRIZES:   Grand  Prize:  Winner  will  get  to  choose  to  receive  one  (1)  of  these  three  (3)  options:

• Trip  to  the  NCAA  College  Football  Championship  game  in  Arizona  on   January  11,  2016.  Includes:  Two  (2)  Round  Trip  coach  class  airfare  tickets.   Deluxe  three  (3)  day  two  (2)  night  hotel  accommodations  for  two  (2).   Breakfast  daily  for  two  (2).  Two  (2)  reserved  tickets  to  the  College  Football   Championship  game.  Three  (3)  –day  rental  car  or  $150  cash  to  put  towards   transfers.  $100  VISA  Giftcard.

• Trip  to  the  Rose  Bowl  in  Pasadena,  CA  on  January  1,  2016.  Includes:  Two  (2)   Round  Trip  coach  class  airfare  tickets.  Deluxe  three  (3)  day  two  (2)  night   hotel  accommodations  for  two  (2).  Breakfast  daily  for  two  (2).  Two  (2)   reserved  tickets  to  the  Rose  Bowl.  Three  (3)  –day  rental  car  or  $150  cash  to   put  towards  transfers.  $100  VISA  Gift  Card.

• $2,500  cash.   First  Prize:  Two  (2)  tickets  to  the  University  of  Michigan  vs  Michigan  State   University  football  game  on  October  17,  2015  at  Michigan  Stadium.   Dealership  Prizes:  $20  Buffalo  Wild  Wings  Gift  Cards  (20  per  dealership).

1.   Eligibility  and  Limitations.  Entrants  and  winner(s)  must  be  at  least  18-­‐years  old,  a  U.S.   Citizen  and  a  Michigan  resident.  Only  one  (1)  entry  per  household  for  this  promotion.     Previous  winners,  employees   of  the  members  of  the  Association,  its  advertising   agencies,  and  members  of  the  immediate  family  of  any  such  persons  are  not  eligible  to   participate  and  win.  The  term  “immediate  family”  includes  spouses,  siblings,  parents,   children,  grandparents,  and  grandchildren,  whether  as  “in-­‐laws,”  or  by  current  or  past   marriage(s),  remarriage(s),  adoption,  cohabitation  or  other  family  extension,  and  any   other  persons  residing  at  the  same  household  whether  or  not  related.  Each  entrant   must  show  proper  identification.

2.   Publicity  and  Marketing.   By   participating,  all  entrants  and  winner(s)  grant  the   Association  exclusive  permission  to  use  their  names,  location,  characters,  photographs,   voices,  and  likenesses  in  connection  with  promotion  of  this  and  other  contests  and   waive  any  claims  to  royalty,  right,  or  remuneration  for  such  use.  You  also  grant   permission  to  the  Association  to  contact  you  from  time  to  time,  for  market  research   purposes  or  to  provide  promotional  messages  (in  the  form  of  mail  or  email)  about   services  and  specials  offered  by  the  Association  or  its  member  dealerships.

3.   Winner  of  the  Grand  Prize  and  First  Prize  will  be  randomly  selected  (via  a  random   drawing)  by  a  representative  of  the  Association  on  or  around  the  week  of  October  5th,   2015.  Grand  Prize  and  First  Prize  winners   will  be   notified  by  telephone  or  e-­‐mail.   Winners  have  48  hours  from  notification  to  accept  the  prize.  If  for  any  reason  the   winners  do  not  claim  his  or  her  prize  within  48  hours,  the  prizes  will  be  awarded  to   alternate  winners  drawn.

4.   Odds  of  Winning.  Odds  of  winning  are  based  on  the  number  of  entries  received.  Only   official  entries  will  be  accepted.

5.   Prize  Release.  By  participating,  each  entrant  and  winner  waives  any  and  all  claims  of   liability  against  the  Association,  its  employees  and  agents,  for  any  loss,  which  may  occur   from  the  conduct  of,  or  participation  in,  the  contest,  or  from  the  use  of  any  prize.

6.   Taxes.  Any  valuation  of  the  prize  awarded  is  based  on  available  information  provided  to   the  Metro  Detroit  Chevrolet  Dealers  LMA  and  the  value  of  any  prize  awarded  to  a   winner  will  be  reported  for  tax  purposes  as  required  by  law.  Winner  must  provide  all   reasonable  information  requested  by  the  Metro  Detroit  Chevrolet  Dealers  LMA   including,  but  not  limited  to  name,  address,  driver’s  license  number,  telephone  number   and  social  security  number.  The  winner  is  responsible  for  payment  of  all  federal,  state   and  local  income  taxes  applicable  on  the  prize  awarded  based  on  its’  value  and  must  pay   to  the  Metro  Detroit  Chevrolet  Dealers  LMA  for  transmission  to  the  IRS  25%  of  the  value   of  the  prize  at  the  time  the  prize  is  claimed.

7.   No  Substitution.    The  prize  cannot  be  substituted  for  any  other  items  by  the  winner.  The   winner  cannot  assign  or  transfer  the  prize.
8.   Applicable  Law.  This  contest  is  subject  to  all  applicable  laws  and  regulations.    The   Association  is  not  responsible  for  typographical  or  other  errors  in  the  printing,  offering   or  administration  of  the  contest  or  in  the  announcement  of  the  prize.

9.   Participation  Release.  By  entering,  each  entrant  represents  they  are  eligible  and  agree   to  be  bound  by  these  rules  and  the  decisions  of  the  sponsor  in  all  matters  including,   without  limitation,  eligibility  of  contestants.  Each  entrant  and  winner  releases  the   Association,  its  directors,  officers,  advertising  representatives  and  agents  from  any  and   all  liability  for  any  injuries,  losses  or  damages  of  any  kind  resulting  from  entrants  entry   into  this  contest  or  from  acceptance,  possession  or  use  of  the  prize  and  waives  any  such   claims.

10.   Written  Copies.  These  rules  are  available  during  normal  business  hours  at  the  business   offices  of  Strive  Creative  and  by  mail  upon  written  request  with  a  stamped  self-­‐ addressed  return  envelope.

11.   Disqualification.   The  Metro  Detroit  Chevrolet  Dealers  LMA  reserves  the  right  to   disqualify  any  entrant  or  winner  and  may  refuse  to  award  any  prize  to  a  person  who  is   ineligible  or  has  violated  any  rule,  gained  unfair  advantage  in  participating  in  the   contest,  or  obtained  winner  status  using  fraudulent  means.  The  Metro  Detroit  Chevrolet   Dealers  LMA  will  resolve  any  disputes,  conflicting  claims  or  ambiguities  concerning  the   rules  and  its  decision  concerning  such  disputes  shall  be  final.    Failure  to  explicitly   conform  to  all  terms  and  conditions  outlined  herein  will  result  in  a  claim  denial.

12.   Location  of  Prizes.  Winner  of  Grand  Prize,  winner  of  First  Prize,  and  winners  of  the   Dealership  Prizes   must   take  possession  of  their  prize  at  the  Metro  Detroit  Chevy   Dealership  at  which  they  entered.

13.   Delivery  Disclaimer.  The  Association  disclaims  all  liability  for  any  delays,  misdelivery,   loss,  or  failure  in  the  delivery  of  any  item  sent  by  mail,  email,  courier,  express,  electronic   transmission,  or  other  delivery  method.

14.   Compliance  with  Law.  The  conduct  of  this  contest  is  governed  by  the  applicable  laws  of   the  United  States  of  America,  which  take  precedence  over  any  rule  to  the  contrary   herein.  Association  shall  follow  the  applicable  laws  for  conducting  contests.

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