Chevy Is Gearing Up For A BIG Year In 2016

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With a fleet as diverse as the Chevy and GMC line of vehicles, there’s always something to refine. Even as 2016 models roll into Macomb County showrooms GM engineers are working to bring our drivers the best driving experience possible. Critics are already talking about what they can expect to see in 2016 and beyond.

These aren’t simple cosmetic changes, either. Many of the upgrades will be ground-breaking, like the outstanding Duramax turbodiesel engine coming to Colorado trucks this fall. This engine has been hailed as the most fuel-efficient engine of any mid-sized truck available. The four cylinder engine can also be found in the smaller Canyon, whose lighter weight boosts the already impressive 31 miles to the gallon highway estimate.

A sixth-generation Camaro is due for production next year right here in Michigan, at the Lansing plant. Look for engine options ranging from a standard 2.0 liter 4 cylinder turbo to a 6.2 liter V8. While the earlier models should be available in late 2016, higher end models probably won’t follow until mid-2017.

Electric and hybrid vehicles are getting a lot of attention in 2016. The second generation of Chevy’s plug-in hybrid, Volt, is rumored to have an electric-only range of 50 miles per charge. That’s a solid increase from the 2015 range of 38 miles. Operating in hybrid mode brings the 2016 Volt’s range to a respectable 420 miles, up from 380.

Fans of the cheeky Spark will be excited by the minicar’s overhaul. Designers tweaked the styling to give it a more serious look without sacrificing the playfulness that makes it stand out. Specifically, the headlights have a more normal proportion now though the little bulges and interior accents which lent it personality remain. Under the hood, the Spark has a seventeen percent boost in horsepower due to a new 1.4 liter four cylinder engine. That’s incredible for a minicar. Even better is the expected increase in fuel efficiency. Since the 2015 Spark scores a cool 39 miles per gallon highway, the 2016 model should easily top 40.

Another exciting development is the Spark’s safety upgrades. Ten airbags come standard with a full suite of collision avoidance alert available. Rollover mitigation protocols keep the Spark safely on all four wheels, and the body structure has been given a boost to improve handling and crash safety ratings.

Chevy is working equally hard on their larger sedans. The Cruze, popular across the globe, is getting a longer body and better fuel efficiency, as well as a diesel option towards the end of 2016 or early 2017. Drivers who want more storage space can look forward to a hatchback model going into production by late 2016. Performance models haven’t been announced but will likely be a year or two behind the base hatchback.

The Acadia SUV is getting some long overdue improvements. As a passenger transport it gets tops marks, with a third row of seating and more space in the rear than any SUV in its class. The 4G LTE connectivity suite will be added to the OnStar system. IT also has a Color Touch Radio with touch screen control standard, as well as voice activated controls for the Sirius radio. While production of its predecessor will continue in Lansing for a few months, the new Acadia will be built in GM’s Tennessee plant.

Other vehicles are getting small upgrades, like a freshening of the Trax and Corvette profiles. If you want to know everything GM has planned, check our Heidebreicht showroom to see our collection of cars.

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