Can Leasing Upgrade Your Lifestyle?

GM Leasing chevy silverado trucks

Automotive technology is improving faster than ever these days. Every year the new crop of Chevys is tougher, smarter, and more eco-friendly. Entertainment systems like the OnStar 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot and safety features like the collision avoidance suite make it hard to resist looking into a new GM. Buying a new car every year isn’t in everyone’s budget, though, so tech-savvy drivers choose to lease instead.

How can you know whether leasing is right for you? Ask yourself these questions.

1) Are monthly payments keeping you from choosing a new car over used?

Leases tend to have low monthly payments. That makes leasing a brand new Impala with cutting edge technology about the same price as a used car with less features. As a bonus, new cars have very few mechanical problems and usually don’t need more than basic upkeep. Any major problems are covered by warranty and can be fixed at the dealership. That means lower maintenance and repair bills, too.

While choosing a three year lease gets you the best deal, there are both shorter and longer contracts available depending on the dealership.

2) Are you expecting a major life change in the next few years?

Our lives are ever-changing, and what works today can be a hassle a few years down the road. If you’re a college student you want something economical with a high fuel efficiency rating to save money. A new lawyer has different priorities, such as a modern connectivity suite to help them stay ahead of the pack while they make their mark. Parents are more interested in safety features, like back up cameras and collision avoidance systems, that give them peace of mind when balancing a hectic schedule.

No one car can be everything to everybody. If you plan to change careers, get married, move across the country, or retire, don’t trap yourself in a vehicle that won’t meet your needs. Lease a car or truck that works for you now. When the contract is up you can reassess your life and decide whether to buy or pick a new car to lease.

3) Do you like driving the newest and hottest vehicles around?

The biggest advantage to leasing isn’t money or practicality, of course. What really drives people to lease is the ability to drive a brand new car every three years. This is an affordable way to live a luxury lifestyle. Leases let you stay on trend without breaking the bank. You can always have the latest satellite radio system, the best brakes, and the most efficient engine available for the model you choose. By the time the new car smell wears off, it’s time to trade it for something better.

Because leases are only for a set period, they are ideal for people looking to experiment with something new. Have you always been curious about trucks but aren’t sure whether you would actually like owning one? Take out a lease on a Silverado. You can play with the features and drive through all the seasons a few times over. If you love it, most leases have an option to buy the car when the contract ends. If not, give it back and try something else. Your options are wide open.

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  • 2015 Silverado 1500 LT 4WD Double Cab – $203 per month, $0 down.

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