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A person’s car is a reflection of themselves. People make a lot of decisions when buying a new car: stick or automatic, truck, or car, base model or luxury package. The most hotly debated decision seems to be the simplest: color. Car color is often the first thing that attracts a driver and the first thing their friends comment on. Join us for a look at the top ten most popular car colors of 2015.

  1. White It’s a classic for a reason. 23% of drivers choose white cars. It’s young, elegant, and modern. Many technology brands market their products in white because people associate it with freshness and honesty. White isn’t for the faint of heart, though. The least little bit of dirt or mud stands out against the pearly finish, so make sure you put in the time to keep it sparkling.
  2. Black Black is often called the color of fashion. Presidents and celebrities alike choose it when making an entrance, and every woman has at least one little black dress in their closet. Unsurprisingly, black is hands-down the most popular color for luxury cars of all kinds. 19% of drivers favor black cars.
  3. Gray This color is most popular with Americans and Brits. 17% of new cars sold in North America last year were gray, up from 15% in 2014. Drivers who choose gray tend to care less about status and more about dignity, tradition, and function. That’s not to say gray is boring; edgy metallic finishes are gaining popularity as an aftermarket enhancement.
  4. Silver Not to be confused with the more sober gray or the youthful white, silver is a phenomenon all its own. Holding steady at 15%, silver embodies innovation and style. Designers use silver for kitchen accents and appliances to inspire a high-class feel, and the same trick works for cars. There’s something upscale about its metallic gleam. Plus, it doesn’t show dirt as much as either white or black.
  5. Red We’re not surprised that red is the first chromatic color to make this list with a 10% share. It’s the color of passion and drive, a color for a confident person who isn’t afraid to be seen having fun. There’s a myth that red cars are the most commonly pulled over for speeding, but highways statistics don’t show a significant difference.
  6. Blue This is the first color on our list to lose popularity, but it’s not by much. Blue still accounts for a respectable 8% of new car sales. People see blue as a happy color, less boastful than red and more cheerful than black.
  7. Brown Taking us back into the neutrals, brown claimed 3% of new vehicles sold. It’s more common for trucks than cars, especially vehicles used for work. Brown is often chosen by people who value function over form.
  8. Gold/Beige/Yellow These tied for 8th place at 2%. Beige fell in popularity compared to brown, which appeals to the same crowd but feels more modern. Yellow and gold are popular with fun-loving drivers with positive attitudes and cheerful outlooks.
  9. Green Also at 2%, green holds this spot from last year. Most green vehicles fall into one of two categories: compact eco-friendly cars like the Chevy Volt and ultra-luxurious show cars.
  10. Orange Orange keeps its spot at 1% for the second year running. It’s popular with outdoorsy, value-minded folks who think outside the box.

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