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Vehicle One Gap Coverage for Your Chevrolet, Macomb

vehicle one gapHeidebreicht has the best coverage plans for the Chevrolet Macomb driver. Vehicle One Gap coverage offers a variety of packages to accommodate your needs. You can choose from four plans, so you may be sure to purchase the plan that meets your circumstances.


The Basic plan covers over 134 parts and components. This includes the engine, transmission and transfer case, and the drive axle (both rear and front). Many of the components of these parts are covered.


The Major plan is the Basic plan and more. Over 163 parts and components are covered under the Major plan. You’re covered for many parts of the steering system, brakes, cooling system, and fuel system.


The Select plan is the Major plan plus more coverage. With the Select plan, you’ll be covered for more than 237 parts and components. Many parts of the suspension system are covered (included the rear and front), as are many of the air conditioning and heating system components. You’ll also be covered for various components of the electrical system.


The Premium plan covers nearly every part, component, and system that your vehicle comprises. The only service or items not included in this plan will be specifically named as excluded parts in the coverage contract. The Premium plan is the most comprehensive of the Vehicle One Gap coverage plans.

Included With Every Plan:

  • roadside assistance and towing coverage
  • lockout/lost key
  • rental
  • trip interruption coverage

Vehicle One Gap coverage is designed to cover the gaps that primary insurance won’t cover. Some details may vary, so be sure to view all the details of Vehicle One Gap coverage. When you purchase a Vehicle One Gap coverage plan, you are giving yourself peace of mind. Whether you choose the Basic, Major, Select, or Premium coverage, you’ll be covered when you need it the most.

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