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Top Four Reasons Why You Want To Buy a Chevy From Heidebreicht

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Here at Heidebreicht, we are all about quality – I mean come on, that’s why we sell Chevrolets! When you’re in the market for a new car or used automobile, we want to provide you with the best car at the fairest price. But this package wouldn’t be complete without tying the proverbial ribbon known as ‘stellar customer service’ onto this gift we offer each of our customers. Yes indeed, the trifecta that makes us great is available to every person that steps onto our lot; but let’s not stop here – we also have so much more to offer! There are many reasons to buy a Chevy from Heidebreicht in Washington, Michigan (conveniently located on Van Dyke Rd.), so take a look at a few of them below!

Friendly Staff

We work hard to provide you with the best experience possible anytime you visit our lot – regardless if you need to purchase a car today or to get service for a Chevy you already own. Our staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and we always go the extra mile to make sure you leave with a smile on your face.


At Heidebreicht, we want you to drive away in the Chevrolet of your dreams. In order to do that, we keep a large inventory of both new and pre-owned Chevrolets. If we happen to not have the exact car you want on our lot, we’ll find one for you and sell it to you at an unbeatable rate. What can we say? We’re a Washington Chevrolet dealer that loves our community (and yes, we’re a big fan of you, too).

Service Loaners

Your time is valuable. Who has time to sit around waiting for your vehicle to be serviced (not to mention who actually wants to do that)? Luckily, you don’t have to. When you purchase a Chevrolet automobile from Heidebreicht and need it serviced, we’ll provide you with a free service loaner immediately. Whether you need to pick up the kids, grab a bite to eat, or gawk at yourself in the vanity mirror, we give you the opportunity to keep your day productive.

New Owner Clinics

Automobiles are more technologically savvy then we are – and we know that learning so much about them at once can be difficult. To help our customers get the most out of their cars, we offer New Owner Clinics every month. Drop by our showroom today to see how purchasing a Chevy from Heidebreicht means you benefit from our great service long after the initial purchase!

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