Getting a New Car Battery for Your Chevy

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Regular maintenance is the key to a healthy car, and maintenance should include your battery. Battery checkups can help warn you of many potential problems. Other engine problems can also affect your battery and weaken or kill it completely. As your Chevy dealer, we want you to know some signs that you need to...

Does Your Chevy Need New Headlights?

Owning a Chevrolet means enjoying a blend of performance, comfort, and reliability. But no matter how well you maintain your vehicle otherwise, you won't be going far without headlights. Headlights play a crucial role in your safety and visibility on the road, especially in bad weather or while driving at night. Not sure how to tell when you need to go to the Chevy dealer for new headlights?...

6 Signs Your Chevy Needs New Tires

Your tires play a huge role in keeping you safe while driving. How much tread your tires have can be the difference between and near miss and a collision, as tires with low tread can make you take longer to stop when you hit the brakes. Knowing when to head to the Chevy dealership for new tires helps keep you and your family safe. 1. Low Tire Pressure Losing pressure in your tires over time is...