Never Had OnStar in Washington on Your Chevrolet? Take a Closer Look.


If you’ve never experienced OnStar Services in Washington, MI see what you’re missing at the push of a button!
EMERGENCY – Auto Crash Response with connection to trained Emergency Advisors;
Emergency Services for yourself or another; Report an Accident.
View Terry Hensley’s story to see how OnStar ‘made an impact’ in her                                      accident.
NAVIGATION – Request Turn-by-Turn Navigation or ask for a point of interest.
DIAGNOSTICS – Perform an on-demand Vehicle Diagnostics check.
SECURITY – Stolen Vehicle Assistance helps stop that thief before he gets away;                                    Roadside Assistance; Remote Services
CONNECTIONS – Hands-Free Calling; OnStar Remote Link Mobile App

Besides pushing one of the 3 buttons in your vehicle to connect with various OnStar services, you can also access their services by calling them, visiting or using the OnStar RemoteLink mobile app to perform many tasks such as: reach an adviser, remotely unlock or lock your doors, start your vehicle or sound your horn and lights to locate it. How amazing is it to control your car from your mobile phone?

OnStar and Pre-Owned Vehicles

OnStar is already built in to most new Chevrolet vehicles and you can contact our sales team to find out which ones. But if you’re shopping for a pre-owned vehicle, the good news is it’s available for these as well! In fact, you can take advantage of a 3 month Free Trial to activate all the wonderful services of Safety, Security, Navigation, Connections and Diagnostics risk-free with no commitment and no cost to you! So why not shop our inventory of pre-owned vehicles on sale at Heidebreicht right now, or drop in to test drive one today? You can also see if your current vehicle is equipped and activate your Free Trial right now.

OnStar with 4G LTE

The most powerful OnStar connection yet, with available Wi-Fi hotspot, has come to the Heidebreicht Chevy Dealership near you! It features all the amazing safety, security and navigation benefits of OnStar, while giving you a more powerful connection than a smartphone or mobile hotspot.
Now you can take your Wi-Fi with you. The built-in OnStar hotspot supports up to 7 mobile devices, letting your passengers connect to the apps and info they want as well. Keep up with your work, your family and friends via social media and email, and all the while, keeping the kids entertained. Life doesn’t get much better than that!
Don’t wait to view our inventory of new Chevrolets equipped with OnStar 4G LTE or contact our sales team to discuss OnStar services with our friendly staff.

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