heidebreicht auto body shop

Chevrolet Body Repair, Macomb County is Tops “Because You’re Worth It”

heidebreicht auto body shop

At Heidebreicht Chevrolet, we are committed to providing the quality Chevrolet body repair Macomb County drivers expect. Whether you’ve gotten into a “fender bender” and need minor cosmetic repairs done on your auto, or you’ve been in a major collision and require major body work for your Chevy, we’re here to help. Our body work experts can make your vehicle look great again – like the L’Oreal slogan says, “Because you’re worth it.”

We’re Here to Make Your Life Easier

We understand that you rely on your vehicle to get back and forth from work, school, errands, appointments, and social engagements. Suddenly being without your automobile can be difficult and stressful. We want to make your time without your vehicle as minimal and stress-free as possible. We offer loaner vehicles at no charge, and we have an extensive fleet of 26 loaner vehicles. We’ll get your repair work done quickly, and we’ll do it a competitive rate.

We Are Insurance-Friendly

We also know that dealing with an insurance company can seem overwhelming. We try to streamline this process for you in every way that we can. We are proud to accept all insurance brands. We even bill your insurance for the remainder of what is owed after the deductible. In fact, we have been recommended by the top insurance companies (all of them), so you may be sure we’ll work harmoniously with you and your insurance company.

The Chevrolet Body Repair Macomb County Drivers Trust

Learn more about Heidebreicht’s Body Shop, and you’ll see why we’re the body repair shop that Macomb County residents trust with their vehicles. We do the job right every time, and we do it at a price you can afford. Why should you take your automobile to Heidebreicht Collision Center? Well, as they say at L’Oreal: “Because you’re worth it!”

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