Chevrolet Accessories Gone Wild: A New Seat for Your Dog


Do you love to take your canine friend around with you on vacations, to and from stores, and just for a general drive around the town? Keeping your dog safe while driving is extremely important as they can become seriously injured if you do not have the right Chevrolet accessories to keep them safe. According to Barkbuckleup.com, a 60-lb dog traveling at 35 mph can turn into a 2,700 pound projectile in an accident. For the safety of your pet and your family, look for a harness that lets your pet sit or lie down, but will keep them restrained in an accident.

It is safer for everyone to keep your family pet securely fastened when you are driving. Not only can an unrestrained dog become injured, they can fall out a window if you take a turn too quickly. Dog seat belts, car hammocks, and car barriers are innovative options to keep your pet secure in the car when you are traveling.

When the dog is secured in the back seat, they are less likely to get into problems by roaming around the car. This can reduce anxiety in some breeds as moving in a car can increase their stress. A secured seat belt will limit the dog from wandering and getting into groceries or chewing on things you do not want them to play with. A dog hammock is a great way to keep them secured while also protecting your seats from excess fur. Your pet, big or small, can lie down and rest or chew on toys and bones without damaging the interior of your Chevrolet.

Here at Heidebreicht, Chevrolet, several of our staff use and love these doggie travel accessories for our best friends. Visit the dog accessories site http://www.kurgostore.com/ to browse a large selection of available products to keep your beloved pet safe on your next trip.

Rem Florida


This is Remington in his car harness. His beloved master is Ashley Steele Kiper, Internet Specialist at Heidebreicht.

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